Spray Painters For Furniture

Spray Painting Furniture

We at Bannon Decor pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and professional spraying service, such as spray painted kitchen cabinets, cupboards and other furniture.

Whether a full interior spray for a new build, an exterior dry dash project, or a sprayed kitchen revamp, we are a one-stop-shop for all aspects of spraying.

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What is spray painting?

Spray painting, to keep it simple, is just paint sprayed from a container. We at Bannon Decor use state of the art spraying equipment to ensure top quality results.

This spraying method is usually used for convenience, but this is also a good approach if your goal is to have a high gloss look or satin finish in your furniture, like kitchen cabinets and doors.

If you want a smooth, even finish with no brush strokes, spray painting is a great option. It is a considerably quicker method of painting a surface, but the location you are painting must be adequately ventilated and well illuminated.

In most circumstances, only one coat of spray paint is required for adequate coverage, and the drying time is substantially less than brush painting. Spray painting also allows you to reach those hard-to-reach areas, such as the nooks and crannies beneath a piece of furniture if it has moulding.

Why choose Bannon Decor for your next spray painting services?

Safety is paramount to us, and we all hold a safe pass, manual handling and first aid. We are also holders of mobile tower (scaffolding) tickets.

We are certified for MEWP (Heist) Mobile Tower (scaffold).
We are stringent in our approach to protecting and covering areas before work is started.

Our vast experience in every probable aspect of spray painting over a thirty-year period makes us the no.1 choice for all your current spraying needs.

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Kitchen Respray Ireland

The kitchen is the most valuable room in the house. The state of this room can either enhance or hurt the home’s value. This is why it is critical for a homeowner to work hard to keep this space in good shape throughout the life of the property.

When your kitchen exhibits signs of wear and tear, there are a few options for restoring its original condition and appearance. One option is to replace all the kitchen cabinets with brand new ones. The other technique is known as kitchen respray.

What is Kitchen Respray?

The kitchen respray is exactly what it says on the tin. Rather than taking out your cabinets, you can simply tape them off to minimize over-spray and spray paint them the colour you desire!

It sounds simple, almost too wonderful to be true, but our before and after photos speak for themselves. When selecting a kitchen respray service, don’t sacrifice quality for cost. Choose Bannon Decor now.

Preparation before kitchen spray painting services

Preparation is key when it comes to achieving a professional spray finish. At Bannon Decor, our attention is second to none, which means we turn out a top quality job every time.

A typical internal spray out of a new build would involve

  • Making and covering windows
  • Bagging electrical power sockets, light switches, ceiling lights, etc.
  • Double covering of tile floors after making perimeter
  • Choosing the right paint product and colour
  • Choosing the right fluid tip for the job at hand.
  • Scraping and de-nibbling of wall and ceiling surfaces – dusting off
  • Consistency of paint – whether it needs to be thinned or conditioner added
  • Caulking of skirting and frames prior to spraying
  • Testing the fan pattern/right premiere for the consistency of paint being applied
  • Applying the product and leaving the right amount of time between loads
  • Removing tape and sheeting once the paint has dried.
spray painted kitchen cabinets
spray painted kitchen cabinets

Is spray painting furniture better than hand painting?

The answer will actually depend on what goal you want to accomplish. If you want to achieve a glossy or satin finish look, spray painting is the best option for you.

But, if you want your furniture to have a luxurious finish or a matt finish, the hand painting method is the right choice for you.

Bannon Decor for your all surface respray needs

IIf you want to hire a reliable spray painting company with a lot of experience in respraying or in spray painted kitchen cabinets, units, fitting etc., Bannon Decor is the right one for you. We are also capable of spraying other types of furniture, glass, or the ceiling. Generally, materials or spaces that cannot be painted traditionally can be spray painted, providing the same great result. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction and upfront pricing.

We are happy to provide you with a free quote via our website, or you can directly message us at info@bannondecor.ie.